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The purpose of this wiki is to describe the current funding for different programs. These program will include special education, ELL, and Title 1 programs in LESD 25 district.

Special Education

Special Education programs are funded by a variety of sources in our district. These include but are not limited to the following. Our district use our federal IDEA grant, federal IDEA preschool grant, district Maintenance and Operations fund, Medicaid funds, District Additional Assistance funds to help ensure we have the funding, tools and resources for our students. Title I and this helps ensure that the students who qualify for this special program are getting the necessary tools to excel. These funds cannot be spent on all the students due to the fact that the funds target students who have been identified by a diagnostician as having a learning disability. With these funds our district makes sure that the students are being provided with the necessary resources and preparations to learn. Some of the resources that our district provides with these funds for our SPED students are chromes, iPads, listening equipment, e-books, behavior and support. Administration is in charge of allocating the funds to the special programs and makes sure that the money is used according to the students needs.

ELL/Bilingual Programs

In our district the ELL/Bilingual Program is funded through Title I funds. These Title 1 funds are designated for students who are English Language Learners and supports the bilingual education programs throughout the district. The funds are restricted. Our district is required to show proof that our ELL students get the benefits of these funds. Our administrators may use these funds according so what he/she believes students would benefits from but it has to be documented accurately and accordingly. Some of the ways our district utilizes these funds are to buy resources or program materials to ensure the students acquire the English Language. Also, funds are used for staffing needs. ELL teachers are hired for the purpose of servicing those students. We have SEI classes to have designated to ensure the activities done in the classroom are focused on preparing the students in their future come from this federal fund. Collaboration Days are used for all teachers to provide time to support the ELL students. Books and technology are purchased from this fund to have the necessary tools to enhance a teachers lesson and to better prepare the students for the rigorous academic standards.

Title 1

Title 1 funds are used in a lot of our schools as most of our schools have this classification. Title 1 funds provide additional funding to our schools however it does come with restrictions and specifics. All title 1 funds must be documented and have evidence to show where they were allocated and what purpose they were used for. They must also be benefit to students. Administration determines the best way to use these funds and allocate the necessary materials and such to the students. We have used Title 1 funds to support having extra teachers on campuses, materials and resources in the classrooms.

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